Justified Scandals?

In letter 33 the King exemplifies the fact that he needs to grow a pair. The letter begins with an apology for something he said in a previous letter to his wife.  He says “I have received one of your letters marked 16. By which you signify the receipt of my letters by Pooly, which hath a little surprised me, seeming to me that you write as if I had in my letter something which had displeased you: if that hath been, I am very innocent in my intention”. This quote illustrates the dichotomy between the king’s power and that of his wife. It is clear that contrary to what is popularly thought of when we think of kings, the decisions this king makes is highly influenced by his queen. The letter goes on to further show how the king has given up almost all his authority to his wife from him taking orders from his wife to not share their letters “but if it please you I will do it”, to him telling his wife he cannot go on without her “I have already affliction enough to fear, which without you I could not do.” Normally that wouldn’t be much of a problem. Even former US president Bill Clinton admits that his wife had strongly aided him in making several important decisions. The problem here is that the king of a protestant nation is taking orders from a catholic. If the public would have known this it would have been a scandal and an outrage. The editor notes “The Queen appears to have been as harsh and imperious towards the King as she is implacable to our religion, nation, and government”. If this discovery had only been made sooner, who knows how differently things could have been?

After reading the articles on Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Wiki-Leaks, immediate ties can be made between these incidents and those occurring in the king’s letters. In both of these recent incidents people have exposed secret government information. In Chelsea Manning’s case she “leaked classified documents from the Departments of Defense and State” and in Snowden’s case, “leaking secret N.S.A. documents” in another its NSA spying tactics. Secret political things are going on in both of these incidents and in both of these incidents the information that is divulged has the potential to cause a widespread uproar among the citizens- just like in the king’s letters to his wife. In these occurrences the question of whether or not these people are heroes or enemies of the nation is raised. I believe these brave people are heroes; we deserve to know what’s going on in our government because after all, it is their job to serve us not to lie and hide things from us. Likewise, I’m sure the king’s people would have liked to know that he was being advised by a Catholic from the start.






One thought on “Justified Scandals?

  1. Very well done. You described the letter and its controversy well, and drew comparisons to modern day examples equally well.


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