XXVII – Jeff Lipack

The letter I decided to write about is twenty seven. This letter is from the Queen to the King and I feel that it is easily relatable to the annotations we spoke about in class. The letter starts off quick with the Queen showing both the power of her opinion, and her actions. She tells the king that she has received an offer from a man by the name of Sir Hugh Cholmely (I looked him up and really only found that he was a land owner/worked for parliament and played a large roll in the civil war in Yorkshire). The proposition Sir Hugh offered to the Queen was a large amount of horses to “kiss her hands” as well as a ship in Scarborough that was “laden with arms” along with some men as well. Before the Queen even tells the King the offer, she basically demands him to not accept the terms yet, but to do so in a way that will not upset Sir Hugh. 

The letter goes on and the Queen begins to talk about other plans that the King had to disband his army in order to achieve peace. Here the Queen does her best to show the King that this is not the wrong idea, but that she will not even allow this idea to be seen out. It seems to me (This is my best guess after reading the letter about 15 times) that what the King wants to do, is disband his army so that a Treaty can be reached. I feel that the King thought this way because London apparently did not want to reach a treaty until all of the forts, ships and ammunition were removed. The Queen will not have this because she wants to finish dealing with what she refers to as the “perpetual parliament”. She goes on to say that not only she feels this way, but that everybody in his kingdom also feels this way. A little later in the letter, on pg. 28, the Queen asserts her dominance when she says “and if you make peace and disband your army, before there is an end to this perpetual parliament, I am absolutely resolved to go into france.” She continues by saying that she will not return to England with him because it will not be safe for her. This shows how assertive and unrelenting the Queen could be when she wanted the King to do something much like the editor was saying here in the annotations; “The Queen appears to have been as harsh and imperious towards the king as she is implacable to our religion, nation, and government.” This really brings up the controversy of the letter which is how far inside the puppet king, the Queen’s hand actually is. 

When looking into the Edward Snowden case and trying to relate it back to these letters, I found a particular quote from Snowden that strongly resonated with me, “Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience. Therefore individual citizens have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring.” The quote is about how we as individuals have a duty to break laws in order to prevent crimes against peace/humanity. I think that this is a beautiful idea and that it relates to the spying people did on the Kings and Queens letters. The people who were able to get their hands on those letters, had a duty to make sure that what was happening to them, as well as their country, was not going to disturb peace. I think that it is a respectable thing for a person to do, to risk their life looking out for the good of the people. 


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