Using Excuses To Shelter Lies

  All throughout the letters produced by King George I, we can see a great amount of controversy. Some of these controversies are clearly obvious and some are not so distinct. In letter XXII the controversy that is exposed is somewhat difficult to discover. In a way the King is using words to cover up something he is ashamed of. In the letter the King is writing to his wife to express his reasons for why he has shown loyalty to Ireland. He uses many excuses to explain why people might not approve of his devotion to the country. The main excuse that is used by the King in the letter is the failure to deliver his past letters to those people that he wrote to. He states the reason for why his support is not offered to the people is because of the process of sending written messages. The King tells his wife that he has wrote letters to the people he claims to be faithful to, but he believes that those people have not received the letters he has sent. Did the King really write the letters he claimed to have written, or did he lie about it by saying this to cover up his non-apparent allegiance to Ireland?     

 The controversy that I believe can be brought about from the letter is the notion of self-denial. The King is trying to cover up his inability to care about the people he is suppose to govern by conveying lies about his previous attempts to show loyalty to the people. He states, “As I confess it a mis-fortune (but deny it a fault) thy not hearing oftner from me, so excuse me to deny that it can be of so ill consequence as thou mentions, if their affections were so real, as they make shew of to thee; for the difficulty of sending is known to all”, which in fact illustrates how the King believes he has attempted to prove his diligence to the people but has fallen short in completing his correspondence. He goes on to explain the amount of letters he has written to the people of Ireland, and later tries to blame it on the failure of those people receiving the letters. This in my eyes looks as if he trying to get out of dark hole he has put himself into by not actually writing the letters in the first place. I think this is evident by the amount of clarifying he does towards his wife in the letter, and also the way he tries to make his wife feel sorry for him. In the annotations of the letters it states, “And indeede it is a sad consideration to thinke what unhappy use the King hath ever Made of the obedience, and patient loyalty of this Nation”, this shows just how corrupt these papers can be. It is trying to tell how the King has always shown obedience when in fact it is obvious in letter XXII that he has not shown obedience. If the King would have shown obedience than he would not be writing to his wife explaining how his previous letters have not been delivered and that nobody supposedly believes he is loyal.

  Based off the three assigned articles it can be seen that the King’s letter do relate to the ideas of certain controversies. In the Edward Snowden article some of the conflicts that are present are how Snowden has turned his back on his country by revealing information that was crucial to the well being of the United States. I think this could related to the King’s letter by not showing his loyalty to his people while he was in control. In the “Banality of Systemic Evil” articles the ideologies that are being threatened are the safe keeping of valuable information. In this article its states that these people did with they did because they believed it was the right thing to do at the time. In the end the ideologies that are questioned here is the notion of being trustworthy to the country even though some might think that what is going on is wrong. The Scandal that can be brought to attention in these articles is the presentation of classified information to the public or outside sources. These present different topics of where inside information has gotten into foreign hands through their own personal actions. Was it right to do what they did and leak crucial information to the public? Some might say it was right, but when your actions affect a great amount of people around you, and even an entire country you might have to think twice because it could be detrimental to humanity. 

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