Letter 3

In this letter, the King is asking his Queen why she is not letting “D. of Lorrains” through France. D. of Lorrains would be the Duke of Lorraine who was Nicholas Francis at the time. He suggests that it would truly be the easiest thing to do and states that this man is very important to him. The strange part is that he says at the end “this is an opinion, not a direction.” A King has every right to demand his Queen do exactly as he says. Especially in the case of not allowing a very important man pass through a country. He also begins the paragraph by saying that she totally has the power to not let him through. He basically says this is her choice. He has absolutely no power over his wife.

He continues to say that business is going well and that hopefully they will be reunited soon. To me, this suggests that he’s merely trying to convince his wife further that she needs to let this man through. Given that this man is a business man, I feel that this is what he’s trying to convey here. Now, this may just be a far stretch but given the nature of the letter already, I think I am right. Which brings us back down to why doesn’t he just tell his wife to let the man through. He should have the power to go above her head and command the men in her watch that they must do as he says and not listen to the silly commands of a Queen.

He goes on to talk about the fact that he doesn’t really want to put certain men in any kind of power. One can assume that it was the Queen who suggested these men. Again, the King does not come out and say no. He skips around the subject. This man has no backbone!

Donagan talks about the importance of upholding certain codes and formalities and what would happen if they were to fall short. “the problem of failure to observe codes will be approached through some of the conflict’s more unsettling events, which raise issues of atrocity and war crime.” (Donagan, 1139). I think the Queen has a huge influence in this. By not upholding her husband’s wishes, she’s nearly committing treason. The only way to say she isn’t, is to remark that her husband refuses to give her a straight order.

The only connection I can make between the letters and the articles regarding Edward Snowden is the slight similarities in the NSA and how the King and Queen interact with each other. One of the articles states that the NSA isn’t a totally lawless organization but then goes on to tell all the things that they have done that are so against the law such as collect a whole lot of information illegally. They aren’t exactly a lawful organization either but the law isn’t really doing anything about it. That’s kind of how I view the Queen. She’s not really doing anything super illegal but the King also isn’t telling her that she can’t. It’s all a bunch of slaps on the wrists.


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