Extrodinary thing about Identity

Coming back to the University this semester I found myself in need of a job. I had worked for Walt Disney World on an internship the last six months, therefore thinking I could have any job that I pleased. Then began the interviews. I could answer every question, give references, my resume was beyond perfection. The one question I was unable to answer, Who was I?

I was not the girl I was when I went to Disney World. I was raised in Charleston, South Carolina, had a light Southern accent and dressed in all Tory Burch and Lilly Pulitzer clothing and accessories. Going to Disney changed me my friends from home have said, but in my opinion, for the better. I’ve become the person I have always wanted to be and my identity is not what it was before. Friends that have known me for years take one look and without me speaking ask what is it that is so different. I am still the fun loving girl, but I have adapted a sort of serenity about my being. I like the calm, cool collected approach to situations, I talk things out, and the materialistic girl I was before is gone. My favorite thing though about who I am now? That I am not quick to judge. My friends are hipsters, sorority girls, and anyone else. I can connect with so many people that I never would have given a second glance at before.

Clearly there are some that will disagree with the idea of identity entirely. Identity could be what you are born into. That you are one person and one person only. That you are identified solely on your skin color, your heritage, your nationality, your job, your family. But in consideration who who you are, what the basic definition of identity is, well I see that as being so much more.

So what is the extraordinary thing about identity? That it changes. It changes as we grow up, it changes as we are faced with new situations, and it changes to become who we really are or maybe it just changes on the outside the portray the person that we have been all along. Never settle for an identity when you feel you could be so much more. One is not simply a few simple words, identity goes so far beyond that.


One thought on “Extrodinary thing about Identity

  1. Brogan,

    This would have been good as a first draft, but it would have needed revisions and it doesn’t pass as a final. The big thing the assignment prompt was asking for was for you to spend some time thinking about the life experiences that might shape someone to have a different mindset, and the prompt specifically said that you should spend as much time talking about other people as about yourself.

    Grade: U.


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