Matters of Faith

By Brock R

A very important belief that I hold in my own life is a belief in God and acceptance as Christ as my Lord and Savior. This is something that myself and my family has believed in for generations. There are a lot of things that have influenced my belief over the years, my family being a major influence. When I was young I was involved in a number of church programs as well as a youth group when I began to enter my teenage years. Eventually my family left the church for personal reasons, but my parents still had my sister and I read from the bible and learn lessons every Sunday morning. I would also say that an influence is the world in which I live, and as it becomes more and more dangerous and untrustworthy, it makes me rely on God’s mercy more and more. This sort of way of life has, for me personally, made me a patient, understanding, and strong individual and has made me feel almost invincible and ready for anything that crosses my path.
Of course many people don’t lead this sort of lifestyle. As someone who didn’t have all these sorts of influences they may look for life’s answer through something more physical and tangible, such as through science or nature. Their particular influence may come from parents who are more interested in what their own profession entails or what their passion in life happens to be. In my opinion I feel that people who don’t have a spiritual connection may be more so influenced by material things such as technology, careers, school. The aspect of growing up without a church I think wouldn’t create much of a difference in influence as church is more or less there to teach morals and values, which can also just be taught by parents who don’t necessarily believe in a God. My influences would also probably not derive as heavily from my parents and perhaps more from, school, teachers, and what my friends also would tell me as well, and I would listen more for what they want or want I want. God has given me a sense of calm and peace in my life and I feel like without that I would be a radical and chaotic spirit with no real direction in life. This isn’t to say someone else would be like this without God, but I personally would have trouble coping with some of the events that have happened in my life otherwise.


One thought on “Matters of Faith

  1. Brock,

    Good job. If the deadline wasn’t bearing down on us, I’d probably ask you to expand on a couple points, but this is a passing essay.

    I’m curious about the idea that a focus on careers or school might lead someone away from a religious life: what is it about being part of the world of technology, commerce, and knowledge that seems to pull away from the kind of peaceful calm you describe?

    Anyway, good work overall. Grade: S.


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