The Innate Goodness of Mankind

I believe in the innate goodness of mankind.  By this, I mean to say that I believe that all humans have a natural desire to be kindhearted and prevail evil. I grew up going to church and I think that has a lot to do with my belief. I honestly think the fact that religion exists at all is proof that people strive to be good. If people did not have this irrepressible need to do good, be good, and create good, I think that religion would cease to exist. I grew up in a family that encouraged ethical behavior, void of lying, stealing, and cheating, which I also think, is a large part of why I believe in goodness. I grew up watching shows like Full House and Seventh Heaven about families who were good hearted and caring which also made a contribution. I truly believe that despite the outliers (which there will always be) people as a whole strive to create good and do the right thing. Religion, adoption agencies, animal rescue, fundraisers, mission trips, community service projects, even something as small as a lost and found box shows the good hearted desires of people. However I know that many people would disagree with me about this, especially people who have had less fortunate upbringings than myself. Children that grow up in abusive homes, or grow up in a family with incarcerated parents or siblings, people who are victimized traumatically or repeatedly in some way, I’m sure, would all be willing to put up a very convincing rebuttal towards my argument. I can imagine a child who was abused and victimized growing up thinking that violence and anger is the only way to live and that everyone acts in such a manner. I could see that they would probably then go on to behave in a similar way since it was a learned behavior. Or even if they don’t, they might think that all people are ill intended because they have been hurt and taken advantage of by people who are suppose to love and care for them. But the truth is although victimization of all kinds is regularly occurring; it is in the minority compared to the good acts people commit. I have had my car stolen, and it did shake my faith in humanity temporarily but I know that for the most part, people are goodhearted.  It can be disheartening to look at the world and see all the terrible things going on, but the fact that we can look at poverty, and abuse, and injustice and actually be able to think to our selves “Wow, that is terrible” is a clear sign to me that humans are innately good. They want goodness to exist, they want to give goodness, and they want to receive goodness.


One thought on “The Innate Goodness of Mankind

  1. Juliette,

    Sorry about the delay in getting comments on this. I think because it was left as “Uncategorized” I somehow missed it. Make sure to put in the category for each assignment. In any case, sorry that I didn’t see it on my first round of grading.

    You did a great job! I’m not sure about your idea that religion exists because of the innate goodness of people — depends on your religion, and your particular version of Christianity! (See Ecclesiastes 7:20) but you followed the assignment really well.

    Grade: S.


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