I believe that society is letting technology make us stupid

There used to be a time when ignorance was bliss. Secrets could be hidden and knowledge and understanding was only for the well educated. Now in this present age practically anyone can hop on the computer and find out about a number of vast subjects such as politics, statewide affairs or even what Katy Perry is having for lunch today. I personally believe that technology and the high paced lifestyle that comes along with it is making society stupid and it will continue to hurt us until there is nothing else left for us to process on our own.

Technology seems to be the scapegoat to all of the problems the education system, older generations and society in general seem to be facing. Could it possibly be that children cannot concentrate on reading because they live in the fast paced world society has thrusted into their laps? Is the education system suffering because they find it more important for a young child to be able to learn about the evolution of the earth rather than learn how to play the violin or speak another language? According to the in depth studies done by Dr. Frances Rauscher of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, located in her 2006 article first published in the Educational Psychologist, she explains that “young children provided with instrumental instruction score significantly higher on tasks measuring spatial-temporal cognition, hand-eye coordination and arithmetic.” While we have such hard evidence against taking music out of schools, it still continues to be eliminated because it is not deemed important enough. So after they take everything out of education except the bare minimal they are still left with a generation that has to take the fault because their elders were blind to the enviable future. Maturing generations cannot see is that it isn’t the technology that’s making the up and coming group of people feel as if they can’t concentrate or function outside of their comfort zone. The real reasoning behind this failure is that our grandparents put hard work in before they could attain knowledge about Math and English and Science and now that the hard work is eliminated in being able to learn, they will become outdated. Access to a fountain of knowledge will no longer be such a rarity and they will be outdated and a thing of the past.

Personally, technology has hindered my ability to spell in such a way that without autocorrect my papers would be butchered. Why would a person have the desire to learn how to spell complicated jargon when the computer will do it for you in two clicks? The point of technology originally was to help us but all it has done was turn us into a generation of lazy people who cannot think for themselves. Although we can clearly see what it has done to us, the sad part is that we continue to embrace it.


One thought on “I believe that society is letting technology make us stupid

  1. Madison,

    This essay traces out a set of ideas really well. It shows an opinion you have, and it explores some of the intellectual background behind the idea. However, this isn’t really what the assignment was asking you to do. The assignment is asking you to pick out a deeply held conviction you hold and then look at the life experiences you have had that have led you toward having that belief. Then, you’re supposed to imagine how someone else might be led to a different set of beliefs. This is hard because it’s asking you to subject something you really believe to a difficult form of interrogation.

    Read the assignment prompt again: https://engl382fall2013.wordpress.com/assignments/0829-find-your-nonage/

    Also, for an example of this assignment done really well, check out John-Mark’s here: https://engl382fall2013.wordpress.com/2013/08/28/i-believe-in-the-nuclear-family-by-either-john-mark-or-an-anonymous-source/

    Good luck! You have until 9/24 to revise, but I suggest getting to it well before then, just in case a second round of revisions is needed.


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