There Can Be No Possible Greater Being

One belief that I have is the real existence of God. I believe that there is an almighty God that exists in our daily lives, and is substantially important to our world today. One must consider that God is a spirit, and his presence in actual reality cannot be apparent by the senses that one has. This should not take away one’s aptitude of believing how and why God’s existence can be proven.

There are a couple of notions that steered me to obtaining this belief. One is that I grew up going to church, in which I was taught about and worshiped the God I believed in. During my time growing up I have always believed in the existence of God due to the facts that were presented to me in church, and also through the literature of the Bible. The Bible presents different stories and parables about the work of God on earth. These stories show and explain how God has brought about his existence in our world. One of the most important things that has lead me into believing in God is the support and upbringing of my parents. My parents are probably the essential reason for this strong belief that I hold. Every since I was little, my parents have lead me in a way to believing that there is truly a God that looks out for all of humanity and it’s reality. This type of influence from my parents has prepared the path for why I started and still do believe in God. Over my life I have seen all of these things work in the way of an interlocking circle that continues to rotate. Within this circle are my church, my bible, and my parents. These things surround me in this circle, and I will not depart from it because I see no light on the outside of the circle that I am in.

Now, there could be some other influences that might steer another person away from believing in the existence of God. One of these influences could be that God is not real because you cannot sense God through the five senses that are possessed by humans. These people might believe that since they cannot see or hear God then there is no way he could exist. One reason why this person cannot grasp the idea of believing in God is because these people mostly likely believe in actual facts, or want some type of real representation to be presented for them to believe in any type of existence. These people have probably lived a life where they were taught by others to believe in only real things that exist on this earth. This idea might come from the notion that everything on earth is real, and if it is not on earth than it is bogus. Another possible influence that could cause someone to not believe in God is having no way to relate to God. What I mean by this is a person might not be granted a way to understand and learn about God. An illustration of this could be a parent that shields their child away from anything that has to do with God. This parent would not allow for the child to go to church, pray, or do anything that closely relates to the idea of God. This form of sheltering on a young person would most certainly direct them on the route of not believing in God. It is not possible to believe in something if you have no idea of it even being imaginable.



2 thoughts on “There Can Be No Possible Greater Being

  1. Jody,

    Great start to this assignment. You do a great job of laying out some important arguments for and against belief in God. I’d like you to take a second look at the assignment, though. What I wanted you to do was focus on the social context that helped guide you and form your beliefs. So, you say this:

    “Another thing that has steered me into beholding this belief is if you think about how big the world and the universe are, it does not attest to how big God actually is. For instance, if I were to ask you to think of something that was bigger or even greater than God, you would not have an answer. Truly there has to be one being that is greater than all other beings, and that has to be God. There is nothing that can be thought of being as big as God, which means there has to be some type of existence within the idea of God.”

    This kind of logical, reasoned argumentation has been a key tool of the Christian faith for many centuries. Where did you learn to make this argument? Sunday school? Friends? Parents? Clearly this isn’t the first time you’ve had the opportunity to think this through.

    Later, you say this:

    “Another possible influence that might steer one away from believing in the existence of God is the idea that they cannot completely grasp the understanding of God. ”

    This is great, but it isn’t really about “influence.” Why is it that some people can grasp this idea and others can’t? What happens in their lives that makes it impossible for them to see the truth?

    Please review the assignment prompt. To receive a grade of S, this post must be revised to meet the requirements of the assignment. You have until September 24 to complete the revisions, but I strongly suggest submitting them ahead of time in case a second round of revisions are necessary. After you’ve edited the post, inform me in-class and I’ll mark it for review.

  2. Jody,

    This is very good. I wonder how much it’s true that a person has to attend church to believe in god. Writers like William Blake were strong believers in “natural religion,” the idea that a true relationship with god is possible, even perhaps ideal, outside the social trappings of church communities. As you say, though, the need for something tangible, something you can see and feel, is powerful need.

    Grade S


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