I Believe that Homosexuals Should not be Discriminated

My belief is that god made us all equal therefore who am I to look down on someone else’s choices, decisions, or character? I have been raised to acknowledge homosexuality as a sin. I do not frown upon one’s sexual orientation because we all sin. I believe that homosexuality is a sin; however, I do not believe that homosexuals should be discriminated. They should be viewed as equal members of society no matter what their sexual orientation is.

I can imagine that whoever reads this will say wow! There is no way this girl is a devote Christian because she is advocating homosexuality. The reason I am compassionate for the homosexual community is because of how I have seen members of my own church react and comment on homosexuals. I have often heard statements such as “I don’t get why they have to be flamboyantly gay.” Statements like this influenced me to be a Christian that accepts, and loves all of God’s people. People often say members of the church are hypocrites, and in all honesty they really can be. When I hear members of the church and community makes those types of statements it only influences me to strive to be a difference within the church. If homosexuals love god, but the people within the church discriminate against them, where will those members of the gay community turn to for church if no one accepts them?


My mother and older cousin have always been important people in my life. They have influenced me to believe that homosexuality does not have to define a person’s life. My mother has instilled in me the values to care for others no matter what their sexual orientation may be. She has been my guiding light since I was young so of course I admire her, and take heed to all she says. My older cousin is a homosexual male, he stopped coming to family cookouts because our family treated him differently when he “came out”. He influenced me not to discriminate the homosexual community because I watched him cry many times over something that he says he has, “no control over.”

Members of a religious group will disagree with my beliefs about homosexuality because we (they) have been trained to identify that homosexuality is a “sin” or a condemnation of the soul. The church wants to inform people that homosexuality is a sin. I do not believe however that it is any church’s intentions to ostracize or demean anyone. Religious people should love everyone, and encourage them to read the bible to learn about what god says about homosexuality rather than shunning them from the church community because the bible says it is a sin.

Lastly I believe the bible influences others to disagree with my acceptance of homosexuals. Although I have not taken the time to find the exact scripture or chapter where the bible talks about homosexuality, I know that others have taken the time to read, and educate themselves about the matter. If an individual has been taught from the bible all their life I can understand why they may have a radical opposing view, however, I strongly believe that as a Christian we all are equal because there is no sin that is big or small.



One thought on “I Believe that Homosexuals Should not be Discriminated

  1. Ja’Nae. This is a great response. I like how you emphasize both the social (family) aspects of your background alongside the institution of the church. There’s a lot here to think about. Why do you think some people define their lives by the institution while others are draw from multiple sources? Is it just because of your cousin?

    Good start to the semester!

    Grade: S

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