Achievements through Belief in Self

A belief that one holds to be true can be something that defines them and shows a lot about their character as an individual.  One belief that I hold to be true is the belief that hard work pays off.  This applies to everyone in almost every sort of situation.  I have learned through working hard at things to get a good final result that nothing comes easy especially the most desirable and fulfilling things in life.

What supports my belief in hard work is my time as a young teenager growing up in Myrtle Beach SC.  I moved from NY with no intention of liking it there or wanting to in the slightest.  Early on in my life down south I picked up a guitar along the way.  I joined many talent shows and played with many different kids over the course of middle school.  When I graduated to high school is where I really fell in love with the instrument I started to organize shows and form bands with other kids sharing the same passion.  I always stayed determined to be the best I could be and make myself a valuable asset to any band or group that I was a part of.  Now I am currently a junior in college, and have released a demo cd with a band here in Columbia and we are starting to make money.  If you work at something, like I have watched myself do over the course of 6 years, then you can achieve anything, the hard work pays off and my story is one that supports that belief.

Someone could steer away from this belief by saying something like maybe others did not have the opportunities that I have had in my life.  Someone could say that I was just at the right place at the right time in many situations where I had found myself lucky to have had those opportunities. I can level with that understanding from other people, but then there are other stories one could bring to light about how there are rags to riches stories and things like this, which some people would not want to subscribe to and they would tell you that that kind of thing only happens in the movies which is also something one could understand.  Hard work pays off every time, belief in that can change ones outlook on a lot of things.  The problem is, which Kant noticed and said that, “Thus it is very difficult for the individual to work himself out of the nonage which has become almost second nature to him.”


2 thoughts on “Achievements through Belief in Self

  1. Tommy,

    This is a really good topic. In particular, I like the sentence: “There is nothing that I find more honorable than some one human being’s will to believe and hope in them self to live out dreams, career goals, anything really.”

    However, I want you to revise this a bit to talk about *why* you’ve come to believe this. What have been some influences that led you to believe that “believing in yourself” is honorable and important. Remember that the assignment was asking you to think about your social history. Where did you develop these beliefs? When and how did you first learn to make this argument? What have been the most important influences in your life.

    Also, you need to consider why someone else might hold a different belief. The idea that everyone should believe in himself is a very modern, American idea. Can you imagine something different?

    Please review the assignment prompt. To receive a grade of S, this post must be revised to meet the requirements of the assignment. You have until September 24 to complete the revisions, but I strongly suggest submitting them ahead of time in case a second round of revisions are necessary. After you’ve edited the post, inform me in-class and I’ll mark it for review.

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